Rumour has it that Siti Nurhaliza is currently expecting her 2nd child. If you’ve been scrolling through her Instagram feeds, you will definitely notice that it’s been quite awhile since she posted a full photo of herself, adding in to everyone’s speculations about her pregnancy.

Luckily, fans managed to get a glimpse of the singer’s alleged baby bump, thanks to Dr. Shazril Shaharuddin (also known as Dr. Say). The 32-year-old social media personality shared his “once in a lifetime opportunity” of meeting Siti and her hubby on his Instagram page.

Source: Instagram

“10 days ago, Datuk K invited me to meet him at his office. Yesterday, he asked me to come to his house. 10 days ago, TokTi (Siti) reposted my Instagram on her social media account. And yesterday, I saw her singing live in front of me. It’s funny how life can be,” wrote the hunky doctor on the caption. He added, “One moment you’re at home playing with your son, the next moment, you are hanging out with the big guns.”

The spotlight, though, is the picture uploaded by the “Kebaya Kasut Kanvas” actor, featuring the lovely husband-and-wife duo. As a result, many fans of the “Wajah Kekasih” singer flooded the comments section of Dr. Say’s Instagram with their own speculations surrounding Siti’s pregnancy, seemingly over-thrilled with the news. Others also took to the reply space to leave warm wishes for Siti’s good health.

Source: Instagram

In the meantime, let’s just patiently wait for an official statement from Siti herself regarding her rumoured pregnancy.

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