“Emily In Paris” is the latest and most adored TV series to recently hit Netflix. With the excitement of this new show, it’s quite clear that some fans are definitely wishing they could be like Emily roaming around in Paris right now. However, much to our dismay as well, that may not be the most feasible idea…

Since the Covid-19 travel restrictions (and the crazy expenses of buying a plane ticket to Paris) are making living like Emily kinda impossible, we got a little something you can get to have a piece of Emily’s life just for yourself.

Source: Netflix

Remember Emily’s uniquely eye-catching phone case? Of course you do! Who doesn’t, right? Well that’s exactly why we created a list of places where you can easily order one for your own phone too:

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While Emily boasts many stylish hats and designer bags, it seems that her cool phone case is what’s really turning heads on social media at the moment. An unnoticeable number of comments seen on the show’s Instagram profile swoon over this phone case and inquire where it can be bought from.

To summarise them all, here’s a comment from @preeti_1611: “Where can I get Emily’s phone cover because I’m pretty obsessed with that😍😂👏.” It sure does seem like the phone case is going to sell out fast, so grab yours ASAP!

Source: Netflix

Source: People.

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