A Malaysian woman that goes by @shobayyamani on Twitter, posted a thread of an earnest story about foreign Bangladeshi workers returning her missing items.

The thread started with her accidentally leaving her work laptop and phone on the LRT before realising she had left her identification card too.

After calling RapidKL, she went on to say that her “whole day (was) a wreck,” but continued working despite being worried sick. Her boss also advised her to not be so careless next time. On the way home from work, she called a “weird number” that had been trying to reach her.

According to the Twitter user, a man greeted her and asked if her name is Shoba and if she had lost anything. Feeling hopeful, she replied with the description of things that she lost during her trip to work on the LRT earlier that morning.

The story went on with the man explaining that a friend of his had found her missing items on the LRT, but is unable to speak BM. Shoba continued that the man gave her his exact location but wanted her to come over and proved the items they found are hers.


When Shoba asked for the picture, she described her excitement as she realised her items were in safe hands. However, the netizen was overwhelmed after finding out those men were foreign Bangladeshi workers.

Apparently, the workers were scared to head to the police in fear of being accused of stealing. The Twitter user was glad she got her items back and offered them cash, to which they declined. She said in her tweet, “My faith in humanity has been restored, once again, by foreign workers.”

Some users decided to share their thoughts after reading the heartwarming story. Here are some heartfelt reaction from netizens:

We shouldn’t be quick to judge foreigners just because they’re from a third-world country. We’re all humans after all ✌❤

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