Neelofa is shedding some light on the controversy about her allegedly being the third party who ruined her rumoured beau, PU Riz (full name Haris Ismail)’s relationship with his ex-girlfriend, Amal Syahmina.

In an interview with mStar, Neelofa clarified that she wasn’t clued in on the matter, before emphasising that she is not really comfortable in sharing too much about her personal life.

Sources: Instagram, Harian Metro

“I have no idea about it and I don’t care because I really don’t know these people. If possible, I don’t want to add on to this matter. I will avoid from interfering with other’s affairs, so there’s nothing more I can comment. Frankly speaking, this is nothing new for me. I was linked to a few other guys before this, but I refused to be bothered,” said the 31-year-old.


“I also refuse to open up about my personal life. I’m worried that it will affect me afterwards. There’s no need to reveal your own aib (shame), and this goes for others as well. All of you have your own social media accounts, so it’s better to not reveal much about your personal matters,” Neelofa added in the chat, in response to Amal’s past statement that was posted on her Instagram.

She continued, “So, I don’t talk much about my personal matters. Even on Instagram or Facebook, don’t show it off until the akad (wedding vow) has been sealed and confirmed. After that, it’s okay for you to share and talk a bit about your relationship. In Islam, we are not encouraged to publicise our engagement, let alone about our love life. So please, respect my decision.”

Source: Kopi Planet

Neelofa was seen during the grand opening of her hijab brand, Naelofar’s physical store in 1 Utama Shopping Centre earlier today (Thursday, 1st October).

Source: mStar.

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