Adibah Noor recently revealed that she received an indecent message from an unknown individual on her Instagram page.

The powerhouse songbird recently uploaded a screenshot of the conversation on her Twitter account last Friday (25th September).

Source: Twitter

“Salam sis, send me nudes,” asked the Instagram user Ahmad.fxris, when he slipped into her DM. Instead of lashing out to the shocking request, Adibah replied with a photo of her pet cat. She wrote, “Just imagine this is me. Bye,” much to the amusement of local netizens.


In replying to another Twitter user, @pojietweet, the “Talentime” actress shared her concern towards many younger girls who encountered a similar situation. “I look like a sleepy elephant, and yet there are some guys who still ask for my naked photo. Imagine how many requests those younger and prettier girls get?” Adibah tweeted.

The culprit’s Instagram account, however, has since been deactivated, presumably to avoid from being slammed by the public after he was exposed.

Source: Adibah’s Twitter.

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