Did you hear? Netflix has finally released its latest original K-drama titled “The School Nurse Files” (보건교사 안은영)! Directed by Lee Kyoung Mi, the series stars Jung Yoo Mi (정유미) and Nam Joo Hyuk (남주혁).

We recently had the opportunity to join the virtual press conference which was held live from Korea. During the session, the two lead actors dished some insights on the fantasy series as well as their on-screen chemistry.


In sharing with us about her role in “The School Nurse Files”, Yoo Mi said, “The character Ahn Eun Young has an ordinary name, but she has an extraordinary ability to see these jellies, those things that other people cannot see. She’s a school nurse. When she starts working at this school, she feels something mysterious.”

As for Joo Hyuk, he described his character Hong In Pyo to have a unique aura surrounding him. He acts as a “human charger” (which we often refer to as power bank) for Eun Young whenever she runs out of energy after defeating the jellies. Together with Eun Young, the dynamic duo work together to fight the slimy creatures to protect the school.

The lead couple were also asked on how they approached their characters upon reading the script. In this case, Yoo Mi said that she was drawn to the story’s quirkiness that combines well with the subjects featured in addition to the warm message that accompanies the overall plot. “It’s an honour for me to play the role and I can’t wait to see the fulfilment of its live action. Hopefully, the drama will touch the viewers’ hearts just like how the novel did to its readers,” the actress shared.

On the other hand, the Hallyu heartthrob pointed out on how he found the material fresh. However, Joo Hyuk shared that “he felt the challenge to play the role well and bring depth to him”. He added that he didn’t feel much burden in handling the role as a Classical Chinese teacher and teaming up with Eun Young in fighting the jellies.

School Nurse Files

Having said that, we bet a lot of fans out there are curious on the duo’s chemistry on-screen. In answering that question, both Yoo Mi and Joo Hyuk pointed out on the comfortable working environment when they started shooting.

When talking about their first impressions towards each other, Yoo Mi said that she has known Joo Hyuk for being quick-witted and creative in getting familiar with his character. Surprisingly, Joo Hyuk felt that it was the other way around! According to him, both of them were able to create an amazing synergy, thanks to Yoo Mi’s lead.


We definitely look forward on how the chemistry worked out on screen! 😉

“The School Nurse Files” is available to stream on Netflix.

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