Wait what? Did Nur Sajat just hint that she’s getting married soon?

The celebrity entrepreneur stole the spotlight after she posted clips and a photo of her donning a wedding gown on Instagram.



In one of her posts, Sajat wrote, “Stay tuned, good news is coming soon (from me).” In her subsequent clip uploaded on her social media account, Sajat shared with her followers a short snippet of what went on behind the scenes of her bridal photo shoot. She captioned, “Stay tuned for my big day,” much to the dismay of everyone.

As expected, the post was met with immense backlash from netizens. In this case, some argued that the shoot was merely a publicity stint in promoting her business. Apart from that, some also left degrading remarks, poking fun at her sexuality. As pointed out by @nsuhada_ismail, things will turn disastrous if Sajat ended up tying the knot with a guy.

Check out some of the comments here:


Despite the criticism, a few commentators, including Safiey Ilias, commented that she looked stunning in the gown.

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