Nur Sajat is offering RM1,000 worth of consolation cash to the witness of the robbery at her gold shop in Johor Bahru last Friday (14th August).

Sajat posted a CCTV footage showing the culprit who managed to flee the outlet with a gold necklace in his hand, after trying the jewellery on his neck.

Source: IG via myartisdotcom

“In this current Movement Control Order (MCO) period, many are desperate to earn money the easy way. Some are willing to commit various crimes without thinking ahead. He looks like a pious man but he’s actually a thief!” wrote the queer entrepreneur on the caption.


The “Makhluk Penggoda” singer further added that her employee has been traumatised by the scary incident. Sajat shared, “Pity my staff. She is pregnant with her first child but she had to encounter such a terrifying experience.” 

It is understood that the suspect is still lingering around the aforementioned area. Therefore, Sajat has urged the public to provide more information about the alleged individual to the authorities.

“I share this so that other jewellery merchants out there can take note about this case. The police are currently investigating the matter. Hopefully, everyone can cooperate in combating crime. Every crime has its consequences. We need to take care of each other,” Sajat concluded in her post.

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