Celebrity siblings, Syatilla, Syifa, Syida and Syafiqa Melvin are currently enjoying immense success, thanks to their cosmetics product, Kekasih By The Melvins.

In addressing the reports about their status as young millionaires to Harian Metro, Syifa expressed that she is grateful that the girls are honoured for being recognised for their hard work.

Source: Murai

According to Syifa, “Alhamdulillah, we are really thankful to God. Everything we have achieved is the result of our own effort. We are also fortunate to have customers who have always provided their endless support to us. Regardless, we believe there are still many things we need to learn in this field.”


“More importantly, we have been receiving positive feedback from our fans, who are also loyal buyers of our products. Our main priority is to share what we have with others,” the “#SisCuba” actress told the press.

However, the news was met with generally negative remarks from netizens. Most of them criticised the sisters’ marketing strategy in promoting the beauty items. Apart from that, others also chimed in by bringing up about Syifa’s past controversy about her downgrading the B40 community.


Scrolling through the comments, we can tell that not everyone seemed to bother about the exciting news. Other commentators also pointed out that the outfits worn by the sisters (as seen in the photo above) looked similar to a children’s TV show “Teletubbies”, amid the heated backlash.

Do you guys notice the shocking resemblance?

Source: Harian Metro.

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