An old video from 2018 has resurfaced online, showing an underaged individual, believed to be Cik B (who was 13 at that time), driving a Mercedes mobile.

The 33-second clip was taken from Cik B’s mother, Datuk Seri Vida’s Facebook page (Sayang-Sayang DSV). Soon after the video went viral, the police are now investigating the identity of the minor, reported AWANI.

Cik B
Sources: Xtra, Facebook

Ipoh District Police Chief, Asst. Commissioner A Asmadi Abdul Aziz said the video shows the alleged individual driving around Meru Hills in Ipoh, Perak. However, the authorities failed to recognise the car model and also its registration number.


“We received a report from the Ipoh District Traffic Officer regarding the viral video. Further investigations will be carried out to identify the perpetrators featured in the clip as well as the vehicle details. The voice of a woman talking to the teenager can also be heard in the clip,” the police official stated.

Check out the video in question below:

The case will be investigated under Section 39(5), Road Transport Act 1987, for allowing underage individuals to drive a motored vehicle in addition to Section 26(1) under the same act for driving without a license.

Update (Friday, 11th September):

Dato’ Seri Vida is finally shedding some light on the issue of the viral clip showing her daughter, Cik B, driving while still underage.

She clarified to Gempak, “It was an old video from 2017 or 2018. Cik B received the car as a gift for her birthday.” When asked about the report made about the case involving her daughter, the “I Am Me” singer, however, explained that she isn’t aware about the matter.

Source: AWANI, Gempak.

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