An old video from 2013 has resurfaced around social media, showing an attractive girl smiling while facing court. She was wearing an orange prison uniform and was in court for the charge of first-degree murder.

Isabella Guzman, 25, showed no remorse or guilt in her facial expression during the session, but instead she was smiling half of the time. She had been charged for killing her mother by stabbing her 151 times – previously thought to be 79 times.

Source: Denver7 YouTube

People in the United States probably have heard about Isabella for the past 7 years, but social media managed to make her case viral again. Especially on TikTok, someone dubbed the video with Ava Maxx’s famous hit “Sweet but Psycho”, referring to her gorgeous look and the inhumane act she committed.


It also went viral on Twitter with several users posting videos or photos, complimenting about her physique. However, some netizens are outraged and calling out the people who are “simping” (a term used by men to overvalue women) her.

The horrifying crime was reported by her step-dad, Ryan Hoy, when he discovered the body of his wife in the bathroom. According to the arrest affidavit, Hoy saw blood flowing out of the bathroom door before opening the door and finding Isabella holding a knife. Isabella then left the scene without saying anything.

It was reported that when the police arrived, the body of Isabella’s mother, Yun-Mi Hoy, was lying on the ground next to a baseball bat. Originally, it was reported that her mother was stabbed 79 times – 31 stabs to the face and 48 stab wounds to the neck. However, further autopsy revealed there were a total of 151 stab wounds.

The next day, the authorities caught her when she was trying to escape. Despite brutally stabbing her own mother to death, she was found not guilty due to the reason of insanity. The judge accepted her insanity plea after test results had shown that she was indeed suffering from a mental illness called paranoid schizophrenia.

The “Sweet but Psycho” girl is currently being treated at Pueblo Psychiatric Hospital, Colorado.

Source: Tribune News, Murderpedia.

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