Ttonthemove member Kloud$, the guy who claimed he was attacked by K-Clique’s Tuju during an event in Bukit Jalil last week, is shedding some light on the real incident that happened.

The rapper opened up by revealing that he was surrounded and attacked by all the members of K-Clique. He suffered injuries on his head and his neck as a result of the intense physical altercation among them.

“I attended the event as one of the vendors to promote my business. All of a sudden, I was surrounded by the boys. At the time I heard that Tuju had asked for a knife from a nearby trader to attack me, while MK attempted to strangle me,” Kloud$ said when contacted by Astro Gempak.

The hip-hop artist further claimed that besides Tuju and MK, two other K-Clique members, Noki and Nasty Nas, were also involved in the commotion. According to Kloud$, the footage of the incident that was recorded by his younger brother had also been deleted after his mobile phone was taken away.

Additionally, Kloud$ shared that the feud between them sparked over an issue about a song by the underground hip-hop ensemble. “They weren’t satisfied with the song produced by us. The group asked us to take down the song, but we ignored their request. In this case, they are already at the top, why would they bother to poke their nose into our business? We never disturb others,” he told the portal.

Source: Gempak

Kloud$ also revealed that he has already lodged a police report about the case. “They tried to twist the story on what actually happened. If possible, I don’t want to prolong this issue. But today, I decided to proceed with the reports as security measures,” he concluded the chat.

Source: Gempak.

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