A video of K-Clique‘s Tuju allegedly attacking an individual, believed to be one of the members of underground hip-hop group Ttonthemove, during an event in Kuala Lumpur went viral on Twitter recently.

After the clip made its way online, Tuju (full name Muhammad Azree Shah Awang Zamri) and his girlfriend, Loca B quickly came forth to shut down the allegations. However, a member of Ttonthemove, Taufiq Azhar, slammed Tuju’s action, claiming that he was covering up the truth about the incident.

K-Clique’s Tuju & girlfriend Loca B (Source: mStar)

Not only that, he further claimed that the commotion involved all the members of the “Sah Tu Satu” hit-makers. Taufiq said, “Why would he say that it was a slander? It really happened! They did attack us. Don’t ever think that since they are influential, they can say anything to the media, then try to cover up as if their hands are clean.” 


“We were the ones who were affected in this case. Though, the members were the ones who provoked us first. Fortunately, the public managed to calm the situation down, or else, things would’ve become worse,” the 25-year-old hip-hop artist shared when contacted by Astro Gempak.

Ttonthemove members Taufiq Azhar &; Kloud$ (Source: @tulangkata)

He then assured everyone that the incident, which happened around 4pm last Friday (28th August), did not involve any physical fights. According to Taufiq, “There was only a verbal altercation, to the point that we almost got into a fight. They targeted Kloud$ (fellow Ttonthemove member). Luckily, our manager was around at that time and resolved the brawl.”

Despite that, Taufiq admitted that he felt disappointed with the couple who tried to cover up the actions done by Tuju and the rest of his K-Clique teammates. He concluded, “After what happened, we forgave each other. There’s no issue at all. However, I’m not satisfied knowing that they put their own spin on the real story. We prefer to settle this (matter) the hip-hop way.”

For those interested, watch the clip of the incident involving the Sabahan rapper and members of Ttonthemove here:

Source: Gempak.

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