South Korean YouTuber Daud Kim (김재한) came up with a shocking confession in his most recent video over the weekend. He opened the clip by clarifying that the sexual assault allegation was indeed true and later admitted his mistake.

The popular influencer then continued by revealing that he has done a lot of bad things, even after becoming a Muslim. For the uninitiated, Daud (formerly known as Jay Kim) converted to Islam in September last year.

Source: Remaja

“I drink alcohol, I went to clubs and hang out with girls. As a Muslim, I did a lot of things that I shouldn’t do. I’ve even met girls through dating apps when I travelled to other countries. In the process, I hurt them with my wrongful words and actions. I’m sorry for that,” Daud stated in the 7-minute and 33-second long video.


Daud further revealed that he used the religion as a short cut to gain profit on his YouTube account! According to him, “As a YouTuber, I thought of profits and fun more than Islamic consideration. Also, I preferred creating interesting contents rather than studying Islam.”

He added, “I was arrogant because of my popularity and pretended to be a good person in front of the camera. Even though I know it was very wrong, I went on committing so many sins. I repent to Allah and I apologise to those who have supported me.”

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In addition, Daud revealed that he got married 3 years ago and has a son. However, he was not happy with his marriage and their child is now staying with the woman. The former K-pop singer said that he kept silent about this as his baby mama “takes her and her child’s privacy very seriously.”

Daud concluded by assuring his supporters and subscribers that he has realised all his mistakes and is currently learning to be a better Muslim. He also shared that he will undergo a hiatus for now to focus on his self-reflection period.

Source: YouTube

Seemingly affected by the controversy, Daud has since deleted all his previous posts on his Instagram and YouTube channel.

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