A V.I.P’s child, believed to be politician Mukhriz Mahathir’s daughter, Meera Alyanna, were among those who were detained at a bar raid in TTDI, Kuala Lumpur last Saturday (22nd August) for violating the restricted movement control order (RMCO).

She was reportedly drunk when detained by a team of cops, before being taken to a nearby station. Not only that, word has it that the pub has been operating beyond the curfew time set during the current MCO period.

Source: FAVE

According to a report by Harian Metro, the police has already taken action against the woman. Kuala Lumpur Police Chief, Datuk Mazlan Lazim stated that the department does not practise double standards. The police official also emphasised that they did not practise favouritism on any individual, including the child of the VIP.


“The individual in question has been subjected to appropriate action in accordance with the provisions of the law,” said Mazlan. All the 29 bar visitors, aged between 21 to 40, were compounded RM1,000 each. This came in line with Regulation 11 of the Disease Prevention and Control Regulations (Measures in Local Infected Areas) (No 7) 2020.

During the raid, 29 visitors to the pub were compounded after being caught at the premise. Additionally, the police have arrested a 37-year-old Malaysian believed to be the manager of the premise, along with a Bangladeshi man and 3 Filipino women aged between 33 and 52, suspected to be employees of the pub.

Source: MMO

The case is currently being investigated under Section 4 (1) Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Section 76 of the Excise Act 1976 and Regulation 11 of the Prevention and Control of Diseases (Measures in Local Infected Areas) Regulations (no.7) 2020.

Source: Harian Metro.

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