A Malaysian man named Diivek Supiah took to his Facebook account this week to share an infuriating experience he encountered during his stay at a residence in Subang.

He claimed in the post that he was chased out of his rented unit after the owner found out that he was an Indian, just one day after moving into the place.

Source: Roomz.asia

According to Diivek, he had booked a room at The Grand Subang SS13 and moved in on 1st August. He even paid all his deposits, rental fees and even finished arranging his furnitures. However, the owner gave him a one-day notice to move out of the room, upon discovering that Diivek is not a Chinese!


Diivek received a text from the owner that reads, “Hi, good morning. We’re very sorry to inform you, (but) after discussing with my family members and partner, we only prefer Chinese tenants to stay in our unit! So, please clear the master room by today and I will go to my unit and visit you by tomorrow at about 11am and try to settle all our problem.”

Source: Facebook

“First of all, yes I am an Indian. I was born and bred in Malaysia. You should have mentioned earlier that you only prefer Chinese tenants, then I would have not even booked or recommend anyone to rent your unit. By just giving a one-day notice, you expect me to move out? Do you think I am so free to move here and there. This clearly shows that you are a very racist person,” the Facebook user added.

Despite feeling shocked and enraged, he assured everyone that he doesn’t blame the management team as they made their best effort in fighting the case in support of him. “However, this came directly from the owner himself who insisted for me to move out immediately!” Diivek continued in the post.

Diivek concluded by urging Malaysians to stop having this sort mentality. To quote the man himself, “All races deserve equality and respect.”

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