Chryseis Tan (陈雪铃) gave birth to her first child on 16th July 2020 and named her Arianna Kyla Tan SM Faliq.

Last night (Monday, 10th August), the new mom decided to share a bit about her pre-delivery and her decision to opt for a C-section (despite hoping for a natural birth).


According to the 31-year-old, her gynae Dr Kiren had been prepping Chryseis to undergo a C-section due to the baby’s head position. The night before the scheduled surgery, Chryseis checked into Pantai hospital. “I couldn’t sleep at all because I was actually already having mild contractions,” she recalled.

To ensure a calming state of mind, 70’s classic love songs was being played. She felt the process went by quickly once the epidural kicked in and her precious baby girl was presented into her arms soon after. The family even managed to squeeze in a short photoshoot session.

You can read her lengthy post here:

Chryseis also took to her Instagram stories to share what sort of meals she’s been eating during her confinement period. “Lots of soup and red dates water,” she wrote, but there’s also “cheat day once a week“.


One commentator even poked fun at hubby Faliq Nasimuddin for wearing a pink cap in the delivery room while the new mom wore a blue cap. Many also took to the comment section to congratulate her on a “smooth and graceful delivery”.

As for who little Arianna takes after – we’ll let you decide 😉

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