Oh no! South Korean starlet Som Hyein (솜혜인) has sadly broken up with her non-celebrity girlfriend after almost a year of dating.

The former “Idol School” contestant, who came out of the closet back in August last year, took to her Instagram to personally share the emotional news with her fans.

Sources: Instagram, AllKpop

Hyein opened the caption by confirming that she had parted ways with her girlfriend. The 24-year-old also assured fans that they will continue to cheer and support each other despite the break up.


She added that her former lover is not someone who is active in the entertainment world. However, the previous announcement regarding her coming-out has given much interest and reactions from many people. That is also one of the reasons on why Hyein decided to clear the air on the matter.

In the lengthy post, she continued by promising her supporters that both of them will be going back to their daily lives. Hyein then concluded her statement by expressing her gratitude for those who have been supporting her.


This is definitely heartbreaking. But still, we wish them all the best!

Source: AllKpop.

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