Safiey Ilias has been receiving another round of criticism following her recent update on her Instagram page.

The queer entrepreneur posted a short clip of a girl unbuttoning her shirt to show off her bosom, with her hijab on! It looked like Safiey was reviewing the supplement product @vessaofficial on her social media.

Source: instagram

Scrolling through the comments, many netizens labelled the product owner’s marketing strategy as degrading and an insult to Islamic religion. Not only that, the “Apa Salah Syinta” singer was heavily criticised for promoting the lewd ad on her social media.


Check out some of the highlighted comments here:

  • “Rubbish marketing! Please don’t tarnish your platform because of this marketing method.”
  • “Please have respect. There is a proper way for us to do business. Who taught you to degrade religion while promoting your product?”
  • “Too much!”
  • “This ad is very rude and too embarrassing to watch.”
  • “Just ban this trashy product and Sajat’s products as well. I don’t understand why many people are eager to buy this.”
Source: Beautifulnara

Seemingly affected by the massive backlash, Safiey has disabled her comments section. Meanwhile, the product’s official Instagram page has also been set to private mode.

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