Safiey Ilias has her own reason on why she declined Pencetus Ummah (PU) Syed’s offer to guide her along with Nur Sajat to the right path.

According to the queer figure, PU Syed can’t just simply force her to meet him in person, claiming that she has the right to choose whom she is more comfortable with.

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“He can’t force me to feel comfortable with him. I hope he won’t take offence that I declined his invitation. I’d like to address his claims that I rejected his offer and Islamic teachings – That’s absolutely false! I refused to accept his invitation because I’m not really fond of him. He can’t just force others to like him anyway,” Safiey told Gempak.


During the interview with the media portal, the “Syinta Gila” singer also expressed that all religious preachers out there make use of the right channels in spreading their teachings. “I have always been learning from Muslim teachers. They will come to my house. It’s just that I didn’t brag about it on social media,” clarified the entrepreneur.

She continued, “I am very open in receiving religious advice because for me it is knowledge. I’m not a perfect human being but at least they corrected my wrong-doings. I just feel that some Muslim preachers don’t know the right way in approaching others.”

Source: Gempak

Previously, Safiey revealed that she was ready to meet any PUs out there who are willing to provide her with guidance. The decision didn’t last long, though, as she changed her mind and opted to seek advice from Ustaz Ebit Liew instead.

Source: Gempak.

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