Bella Astillah posted a series of tweets on her Twitter over the weekend to share her two cents regarding the conflict between YouTube chef S Pavithra and her husband M Sugu.

Soon after the couple’s dispute made headlines, many netizens argued that the issue was similar with the starlet’s past controversy with Aliff Aziz. Hence, some labelled Pavithra with names such as “Bella Astillah 2.0” and also “Bella Astillah’s Sungai Siput branch”.

Source: Twitter via Rotikaya

Seemingly irritated by the comparisons, Bella emphasised that netizens shouldn’t put an unfair judgment based on what happened in their personal lives. She wrote, “You guys are so obsessed with what happened to Pavithra and even compared her to what I’ve went through just because she chose to forgive her husband. So what do you want her to do? Do you want them to divorce without considering their kids’ welfare?”


The singer added, “It’s not easy to forgive. Marriage is not something that you can make fun of because it involves family. Will you guys be happy if both of them are divorced? I don’t understand what netizens want actually. When married couples fight, they would advice them to think of the children. But if they reconcile, they urge them to divorce.”

In the lengthy thread, Bella also asked her followers to self-reflect first because nobody will know on what will happen in the future. She further reminded everyone to be fully aware that everything that they have is just temporary. As the saying goes, life is like a wheel. She ended by cheekily tweeting, “Glad to know that Bella Astillah has grown to this extent.”

Bella Astillah
Source: Twitter via Rotikaya

In another news related to the husband-and-wife content creators, Sugu announced that he and his wife are quitting YouTube to avoid public attention following the recent controversy. This came after loyal followers of the couple noticed that all of the videos posted on their account “Sugu Pavithra” have been removed.

“We deleted our cooking videos because we do not want to have any links to YouTube. There are other people on YouTube who can cook but why are we the centre of attention? Give us some time to focus on our family,” the former plantation worker said in an interview with Sinar Harian.

Source: FMT

It’s really sad to hear this, but hopefully the public can give them sufficient space to reflect on what to do next.

Source: Sinar Harian.

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