K-pop fans worldwide couldn’t contain their excitement after seeing BIGBANG’s G-Dragon (real name Kwon Ji Yong, 권지용)’s latest update on his Instagram.

The talented star uploaded a few photos of himself all dolled-up on (what appears to be) a filming set. He captioned the post by simply putting the clapperboard emoji, raising everyone’s speculation regarding his return to the K-pop scene.

Source: Instagram

The “Black” singer was also pictured striking a pose with a couple of his friends, whom fans believe are the staff members. Interestingly, others also pointed out that there is also a shooting tool behind them. Rumours surrounding either his solo or BIGBANG’s comeback started circulating again after the post made its way online.

Many die-hard supporters of BIGBANG (known as V.I.Ps) have been speculating that G-Dragon is currently prepping for the group’s grand comeback. As many K-fans may know, it’s been 2 years since G-Dragon and his fellow members made their comeback.

Back in 2018, BIGBANG released “Flower Road” as a goodbye gift for fans when the group enlisted into the army. Unfortunately, they weren’t able to showcase the song live as many of them had already enlisted by that time.

Source: Last.fm

Who’s excited for BIGBANG’s comeback in the K-pop scene? We know we are 😉

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