An employee of a restaurant located in Kuching, Sarawak was slapped by a customer in the face after telling him to wear a face mask.

Sin Chew Daily reported that the male customer came to dine in at the eatery with his girlfriend. Both of them were stopped at the entrance for not wearing the medical protection.

Source: Sin Chew Daily

Due to the prescribed SOP, the staff asked them to wear face masks first before they could enter. However, the friendly request was not well-received by the male customer. He then proceeded to slap the employee’s face in front of everyone else and even called him a busybody.


Angered by the employee’s advice, the customer further claimed that several other premises have not been fussy regarding the use of face masks. Upon seeing the commotion, some of the workers at the restaurant tried to calm down the situation. The couple then left after realising they were being watched by many passerbys.

The incident was recorded through the CCTV footage at the restaurant. That’s not all, the restaurant then received a phone call from an unknown individual saying that the employees at the restaurant were rude towards them. However, it is unsure whether that had anything to do with the prior incident.

Image for illustration purpose only (Source: Google Image)

Most recently, the government announced that mandatory use of face masks in public places might be implemented. However, it will only be confirmed once the relevant regulations have been finalised.

Source: Sin Chew Daily.

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