Dato’ Aliff Syukri‘s personal assistant, Melati Abdul Ghani recently shed some light regarding rumours surrounding her sudden service termination.

In a notice uploaded on her Instagram, Melati’s contract will be terminated from Aliff’s company Aliff Syukri Legacy Sdn Bhd following a decline in sales which resulted in the company’s losses.


Melati, also known as Kak Mel, wrote, “I don’t even mind being laid off because for me, I always believe in God’s plans. He has bestowed abundance in this world. It’s just up to us to seek it.”

In another update on social media, Kak Mel fired back at a few busybody individuals who kept insisting on knowing the reason behind her dismissal. “It’s normal for lower ranking people to take the blame and be looked down upon,” the chatty lady carped.

She continued, “Sometimes, we as subordinates want to claim our rights as well. But still it’s often considered wrong. Only people with money are always in the right. We have given our best service over the years by working day and night.”

“But when we are no longer needed, this is the consequence that we have to face. I pray that those who received the same fate as me, to not be sad and don’t give up,” Kak Mel concluded.

Source: Iluminasi

For those who don’t know, Kak Mel is one of the D’Herbs owner’s longest serving staff.

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