The controversial case of Datuk Aliff Syukri allegedly abusing his adopted daughter Ameenah Alip Syah has finally reached its conclusion!

Seemingly filled with relief and overjoyed with the news, the cosmetics entrepreneur took to his Instagram recently to share with his followers that he is innocent.


In the post, the D’Herbs owner uploaded a photo of his 3rd son, Ibraheem Adham, who suffered an injury after falling from a motorbike. He wrote, “Naughty boy fell off the bike @baemadham_terlajaklaris. He will twitch his nose knowing that he’s at fault.”

“If Aminah was the one injured, no doubt the cops will be called to investigate. As for Ameenah’s case, the court has already ruled that I’m not guilty. Instead, all of the allegations were just defamatory,” he further added in the caption.

Source: Google Images

Aliff was previously accused of beating Ameenah at his house in Petaling Jaya back in February this year. According to mStar, the incident was reported by the family’s maid a day after the incident.

The “Cuba Bahagia” singer was then arrested for questioning before being released on police bail not long after that.

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