Ameera Khan and FD Idzham are officially back together, y’all!

Previously, the couple surprised everyone after the latter hinted that their relationship had ended. He even spilled that Ameera had found a new man, which might have led to their initial split.


Ameera recently took to Instagram to share with her followers a photo of themselves, while smiling for the camera. She even accompanied the post with a sweet caption that read: “Here’s to the man who puts up with all my crazy antics ♥️ I love you forever.” 

To top it off, both Ameera and Idzham are often seen sharing sweet moments on Instagram stories. Fans also noted that the two have followed each other back on Instagram. This proves that the lovebirds are now on good terms again, and we’re beyond happy for them!

Source: Beautifulnara

Are you delighted that these lovebirds are finally back together?

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