An Al-Jazeera documentary titled “Locked Down In Malaysia” caused a major uproar among Malaysians recently. Many accused the news of reporting inaccurate facts that may deliberately affect our country’s name.

Soon after the controversial clip made its way online, netizens shifted their focus to a Bangladeshi man who was seen criticising the Malaysian government. The man, namd Rayhan Kabir, told the news channel that he was forbidden from seeing his friends who were detained.

Rayhan’s statement during the interview has in turn received massive criticisms from local social media users, with most of them coming to the government’s defence. According to Twitter user anep (@hanifjamals), people weren’t encouraged to go out during the movement control order period.

Others also slammed the immigrant for not being grateful for all the help and kindness that were provided. Apart from that, a few argued that some foreigners have entered our country without a valid document. This resulted in them failing to fully comprehend the law.

It didn’t stop there, guys! A few Facebook users have also begun collecting some personal information about the man. From the research, Rayhan’s social media account as well as his workplace were exposed online. He has since deleted his Facebook account as at time of writing (Tuesday, 7th July), presumably to avoid from being slammed.

Apparently, it was found that the 25-year-old works for a company known as Malik Streams & Productions Sdn. Bhd. In response to the backlash, the company then quickly released a statement on its Facebook page to clear the air on the matter.

Read Malik Streams & Productions & Distributions’ full statement here:

Source: Facebook

Currently, Rayhan is wanted by the Immigration Department to help with investigations under the Immigration Act 1959/63.

Sources: OhBulan, The Star.

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