2PM member Taecyeon (택연) has spoken up for the first time since his dating announcement came to light last week.

After a brief moment of silence, he finally came out to shed some light on his new public relationship with his non-celebrity partner to his fans.

Source: Instagram

On his recent Instagram post, the “Dream High” actor uploaded a photo of himself hiking on a mountain, along with a heartfelt caption that reads:


“I am sorry for everyone who were surprised and saddened by the sudden news. I was thinking about what should I say, which led to this late message. And I’m very sorry for that as well. 

I know very well how much everyone care and worry for me. That’s why I’ll continue to work my hardest as a member of 2PM and as an actor. Thank you for always supporting me even though I’m always lacking.”


For those curious, the 32-year-old heartthrob has just wrapped his latest drama, “The Game: Towards Midnight” – his first project since he was discharged from the military.

In the meantime, we also came out with 4 fun facts about Taecyeon’s non-celebrity girlfriend. Check it out here.

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