Alicia Amin‘s brother, Raja Adam Iskandar recently uploaded a few photos of the family celebrating Father’s Day with their dad, Dr. Raja Amin Raja Mokhtar on his Instagram over the weekend.

Apparently, one particular reply from a keyboard warrior managed to catch their attention. The screenshot of the comment was shared by the “Asia’s Next Top Model” starlet on her Twitter recently.

Source: Twitter

Based on the screenshot above, Instagram user @ariffjumari asked, “I want to ask you this; Is Alicia Amin a Muslim or not? And what’s her relationship with Raja Adam Iskandar?” WellAlicia’s dad had the best reply to this question!

Refusing to stay mum, he responded by questioning the netizen back. “Are you even a Muslim? Islam is not a religion that teaches people to dishonour others in public. Everyone has flaws and we should pray to Allah for His guidance,” replied Dr. Raja Amin, clapping back at the internet troll.

He continued, “It seems like you’re either trying to gain publicity or you think that you are more superior than others. Just stay in your place quietly or block her if you hate her that much. You’re being arrogant and stupid at the wrong time and place.” The commentator then responded by writing, “I asked because I was curious. Why are you so upset?”

The 25-year-old fashion model further added in another tweet, “I see a lot of people that don’t understand on why there’s no need to answer such questions. I get it; I have tattoos, I wear revealing outfits and my lifestyle is not like most Muslims. Y’all are curious. But it’s none of your business.”

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