Alicia Amin has been receiving quite the backlash from netizens ever since her unsanitary rendang preparation controversy came to light recently.

Refusing to stay mum, the outspoken celeb recently took to Twitter to expose a few social media users who claimed that she is using non-halal beef for her “Rendang Tok Raja Lapar” dish.

Alicia Amin
Source: Twitter
Alicia Amin
Source: Twitter

Fuelled with anger, Alicia wrote, “So if someone isn’t Muslim or doesn’t look Muslim enough the food isn’t halal? Where the f**k are people learning about this shit? I don’t even know how you could even make a non-halal beef rendang.”

“It’s okay if you don’t want to buy the meal, but please tone down your stupidity,” the 25-year-old clapped back at the internet trolls, before adding, “Racist snitches on themselves honestly”, seemingly upset with the haters. At the time of writing (Tuesday, 16th June), the post has gained over 600 retweets online.

The “Asia’s Next Top Model” alum posted another tweet to give her clarification regarding the matter. According to Alicia, “The point of the previous tweet is, you can always ask whether the rendang is halal or non-halal nicely. You don’t have to be so foul-mouthed. And yes, I already addressed all the issues on my (business) page.”

For those interested, feel free to read her tweets here:


To quote the fashion model-actress, purchasing the stuff she is selling is “entirely up to the customer.” We couldn’t agree more with her statement here. 🙂

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