The founder of Twitter account Englishjer, Qayyum Jumadi came under fire this week for multiple allegations of sexual harassment cases.

A Twitter user took to social media to spill that more than 10 women have fallen victim to this predator!

Based on the screenshots uploaded by her on the thread above, many have shared similar stories of being Qayyum’s victim over the past several years. One of the victims revealed that he proceeded to record their sexual intercourse without her consent. Additionally, there was also a lady who claimed that he often sent nude photos of himself.

In response, Qayyum then took to his Twitter to clarify the situation. He acknowledged his fault as well as apologised to all the people affected by his past mistakes. According to him, “I realised that I am a potential danger to everyone and so I have decided to remove myself from society.”

Feel free to read his full statements here:


Qayyum Jumadi
Source: Twitter via Murai

In the meantime, the people at Englishjer have revealed their decision to shut down the language learning platform’s official social media accounts as well as its website within 3 days.

As of now, its official Twitter and Instagram have already been deactivated.

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