It seems like everything that Nur Sajat does tend to catch the attention of all makcik and pakcik bawang (busybody people) out there.

The controversial queer figure recently posted a photo of herself lying on her bed covered with a huge sum of RM50 and RM100 dollar notes. The cash were used as a blanket as she pretended to fall asleep.



“I was very busy today, until I fell asleep with money! Today’s sale has reached RM100,000!” the “Makhluk Penggoda” singer wrote. Not only that, she even came up with an IGTV video of her waking up with a number of cash on her bed, flaunting her wealth to the public, as seen in the screenshot above.

As expected, the post was met with massive backlash from local netizens. In this case, Sajat was accused of showing off her assets at a time when others are having financial crisis, especially in the midst of the current situation. Besides labelling her as a show-off, others expressed their concerns that the entrepreneur may be exposed to potential crime cases.

“You claimed that you’re rich, but you couldn’t even afford to pay your lawsuit. Care to explain?” Instagram user @lilyasmara questioned. Sajat furiously disagreed. According to her, “I’m not guilty. So, why should I bother with the lawsuit. Hello? Please use your head before accusing me.”

Feel free to read on other negative comments left by netizens here:


Seemingly affected by the negative criticisms received, Sajat ended up setting her Instagram to private mode.

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