Muslim preacher PU Azman has made it clear that there’s no problem for Muslims to enjoy meals that are prepared by non-Muslims.

According to him, the most important thing that everybody should take note is that it must be of halal sources. This comes after Alicia Amin was criticised about the method of cooking her rendang dish.


“What should be taken into account is the condition as well as how the food was obtained. Can we consume pork if the meat was cooked by a Muslim? Also, if non-Muslims prepared beef that had been slaughtered according to Muslim law by Haji Fizi (example), is it still considered haram? Do read and digest my caption.” PU Azman wrote on the statement posted on his Instagram.

“You can eat food or dishes prepared by non-Muslims. What’s important is that the whole process of cooking the meal is guaranteed clean. If the food involves animals, it should be halal and slaughtered by Muslims, doesn’t matter if the slaughterer is a man or woman as long as they are mumayyiz (mature enough to handle halal food matters), the popular ustaz clarified in the post.

He continued, “For other foods such as vegetables or even breads, make sure that it’s clean. You don’t have to slaughter the greens.” PU Azman further added that the halal status of the dish is not seen from the individual who provided the food. According to the “Salam Squad” actor, “Sometimes, the preparations of food made by non-Muslims are better than a few Muslims who don’t maintain their hygiene.”

Feel free to read his full clarification here:

Interestingly, PU Azman also ended his lengthy statement by giving a shout out, “Long live Mrs. Sugu!” to which a few commentators replied, “Sugu is actually the husband, Ustaz!”

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