Ladies, take a page out of Julie Tan (陈欣淇)’s book. If someone sexually harass you, don’t be afraid to call the person out publicly.

Over the weekend, someone slide into her DM and left unsolicited lewd messages. The 28-year-old actress proceeded to expose him to her 286k followers after the thirsty fan continued to be inappropriate.


The man started the conversation by asking, “Can I lick your p***y everyday and born babies (sic)”. The Singaporean responded with a rhetorical message, saying, “Who gave you the rights to talk to me like that.”

The stranger justified his harassment by stating that he didn’t think she would notice his text. He then repeated his obscene request about “making babies” together because the actress was “gorgeous” and “pretty”.

Julie Tan
Source: IG via 8 Days

Julie knew it was futile to continue in the engagement and decided to publicise the incident. “Here’s the dilemma. Instead of understanding the discomfort it gives to women, it actually encourages him because he now has an ongoing conversation with me. But if I ignore him, he will continue to think that there are no consequences,” the Penang-born actress wrote.

She also took a screenshot of his IG profile for shared it for everyone to see. Hopefully, this is a lesson learned.

Source: 8Days.

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