Zoo Negara is currently trending on Twitter after an alarming picture was shared.

Netizens have been buzzing over the current state of the animals as a result of the movement control order (MCO). It all started after the photo of a skinny lion went viral online.

Zoo Negara
Source: Twitter

Obviously concerned over the poor animal, a lot of internet users have been taking to Twitter to point out their disappointment upon seeing the image. Some even called out Zoo Negara and questioned the use of funds donated by the public for the zoo’s adoption programme back in April.


Surprisingly, a few netizens, who claimed themselves as zoo staffs, came to Zoo Negara’s defence. According to one commentator, the donation “barely covers all the fees including the bills, maintenance as well as the food”. Another pointed out that the lion is actually “getting old”, which resulted to its overly skinny body.

Others also pointed out that the accumulated funds were only sufficient to cover one month of expenses. As pointed out by one Twitter user, the maintenance fee might cost from RM900k up to RM1.2 million per month!

Check out what are some of the enraged members of the Twitterverse had to say about this:

Zoo Negara

The rage doesn’t stop there! One Twitter user known as @sunfloweraidil recently launched a petition which calls for Zoo Negara to be investigated for “its lack of transparency and underwhelming performances on its workers and the animals they take care of.”

At the time of writing (Friday, 12th June), the petition has gained over 2,100 signatures from the public. To check out the link, click here.

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