“Blood is thicker than water” – this famous saying reflects the best with these local celebrity siblings. Be it actors, social media stars or even business VIPs, these prominent Malaysian brothers-sisters have captured hearts of all fans and followers across the nation.

Not only that, the star-studded personalities have also proven that each and every one of them are successful in their own way without outshining each other. Now that’s what we call sibling goals! Check out the full list here:

1. Neelofa, Ameera Khan & Athisha Khan

Source: Gempak
  • Age: 31 (Neelofa), 20 (Ameera), 22 (Athisha)
  • We believe Neelofa and her younger sisters need little introduction from us. While Neelofa is enjoying massive success as an actress and entrepreneur, her younger sisters are gaining attention as one of the more popular social media influencers.
  • Interestingly, Athisha have also started her own YouTube channel to share some of her life updates with her avid followers. Feel free to check out one of her clips below:


2. Emma Maembong & Chacha Maembong

Source: Rotikaya
  • Age: 28 (Emma), 24 (Chacha)
  • Relationship: Sisters
  • Both Emma and younger sister Chacha have been involved in numerous hot controversies. But instead of giving up, they have shown to haters that they are never one to back down when it comes to setbacks and challenges.

3. Uqasha Senrose, Nelydia Senrose & Raysha Rizrose

Source: Gempak
  • Age: 28 (Uqasha), 26 (Nelydia), 24 (Raysha)
  • Relationship: Step-sisters
  • Even though Raysha is actually the step-sister to both Uqasha and Nelydia, their strong sisterhood bond deserve praise from everyone.

5. Elfira Loy, Ezlisa Loy & Ezzrin Loy

Source: Gempak
  • Age: 26 (Elfira), 24 (Esliza), 23 (Ezzrin)
  • Relationship: Siblings
  • All of them started their career in the industry as child actors.
  • Fun fact: Besides known as an actress, Ezlisa also went viral previously for her excellent exam results.

6. Sharifah Aleya, Sharifah Amani, Sharifah Aryana & Sharifah Aleysha

Source: Instagram
  • Age: 37 (Aleya), (34 (Amani), 25 (Aryana), 27 (Aleysha)
  • Relationship: Sisters
  • The sisters have also been gaining praise from netizens for their talents and unbreakable family bond.
  • As of today, only Amani is still active in the local entertainment scene. Whereas for youngest sister Aryana, she last acted in a horror movie called “Santau Maut”, reuniting with “Mukhsin” co-star Syafie Naswip.

7. Fasha Sandha & Elisya Sandha

Source: Selongkar10
  • Age: 36 (Fasha), 21 (Elisya)
  • Relationship: Sisters
  • Indeed, the mommy-to-be’s talent in acting is undeniable. Elisya Sandha is following in her elder sister’s steps and is making a name for herself in the scene.

8. Ruhainies & Risteena Munim

Source: Instagram
  • Age: 28 (Ruhainies), 31 (Risteena)
  • Relationship: Sisters
  • For those who don’t know, elder sister Risteena garnered fans’ attention after starring as the lead role in the drama “Playboy Itu Suami Aku” with Fattah Amin.
  • Whereas for Ruhainies, she started gaining stardom following her appearance in “Hello, Mr. Perfect”, also co-starring Fattah Amin (coincidence, much?)

9. Ashraf Sinclair, Aishah Sinclair & Adam Sinclair

Source: Google Image
  • Age: 41 (Ashraf), 40 (Aishah), 36 (Adam)
  • Relationship: Siblings
  • While the late Ashraf and Aishah are more prominent in the entertainment industry, youngest brother Adam (Yuna’s husband) is more known for his work behind the scenes.

10. SM Faisal, SM Nasarudin & SM Faliq

Source: Instagram
  • Age: 40 (Faisal), 37 (Nasarudin), 35 (Faliq)
  • Relationship: Brothers
  • They also have two younger sisters – Nur Diana and Nur Nadia. All 5 siblings are successful as business bosses in their own right.

Source: Remaja.

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