In case you weren’t aware, Jackson Lai (黎振燁) and his wife welcomed their newborn baby last Wednesday. Yesterday (Monday, 8th June), the first-time parents were seen leaving the hospital.

Reports claim that Mrs Lai was initially supposed to be in the hospital for only 2 days. However, her stay was extended due to the bad weather in Hong Kong.

Source: Jayne Stars

When asked about how his baby mama is coping, Jackson replied, “We went back to my parents’ house for [my wife’s] postpartum recovery. She is breastfeeding but if the baby doesn’t get enough milk, we’ll add in a little bit of milk formula. ”


So how does the new father feel? “I help out as well – I have a niece and a nephew so I have a bit of babysitting experience. Right now, I’m taking advantage of whatever time I have with holding the baby. After all, I have been waiting for a really long time,” the 34-year-old actor said.

Source: Yahoo Taiwan

The baby had to be delivered via Cesarean section after test results showed that there was an umbilical cord around his neck.

The couple has not chosen a name yet for their infant and will refer to him as “baby” for the time being. Jackson also told reporters that he’ll only consider having another child once his career is stable again.

Source: Jayne Stars.

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