A close acquaintance of BLACKPINK member Lisa (리사) has spilled some more details about their former manager’s actions of scamming ₩1 billion Korean won (approx. RM3.5million) from her.

In an interview with Sports Chosun, the anonymous friend revealed that manager A has been with the members long before their debut. Not only that, it was said that the girls relied on the culprit a ton in addition to their producer Teddy.

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According to the unnamed source, “He had been in charge of taking care of them after they debuted too. He was praised as a very kind and sincere person. People even called him naive.” 


The friend continued, “Then he started to change. I heard that he started going to entertainment establishments and spent a lot of money there, getting himself into debt. I heard he even got into illegal online betting. At first, it seemed like he got his hands on a lot of money but once he lost it all, he seemed to get more and more obsessed with gambling.

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“As the debt grew bigger, there was no way for him to pay it back, so it seems like he started going after Lisa’s money. The other members have their parents in Korea but Lisa was targeted, because she came from Thailand. The damage amount is actually estimated to be more than ₩1 billion Korean won.

As the facts came to light, an internal investigation and disciplinary action by YG Entertainment started, and he ended up having to quit working for BLACKPINK. He was fired after paying back some of the money he took.

Not just Lisa, but all of the BLACKPINK members really relied on Manager A. He was the only one they could trust when they were working overseas. As much as they believed in him, they felt a great sense of betrayal.” 


Significantly impacted with what the idol had gone through, K-pop fans (especially BLINKs) have taken to Twitter to show their love and support for Lisa. As a result, the Hallyu star became a trending topic on social media.

Source: Koreaboo.

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