After getting massive backlash from the public, Samantha Katie James has finally issued an apology on her Instagram.

The 25-year-old admitted that she wasn’t aware of the severity of her racist comments but felt that she was misunderstood. This comes after Henry Golding put the beauty queen on blast and makeup company Velvet Vanity decided to cut ties with her.

An old video from 2017 got leaked last night, showing the former Miss Universe Malaysia having an argument with several South Africans. “Malaysia is better than this f**king country. We are way more developed than you,” she was quoted as saying. The altercation soon got physical and someone even got injured.

Having said that, a few famous figures have come forth and urge netizens to stop cyberbullying Samantha. Instead of resorting to nasty comments, comedian Harith Iskander, model Alicia Amin and YouTuber Arwind Kumar suggest that it’s time we educate and reevaluate what we stand for.

1. Harith Iskander:

Samantha Katie James


2. Alicia Amin:

3. Arwind Kumar:

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