Hold up! Are T-ara’s Jiyeon (지연) and Song Jaerim (송재림) really dating?

Earlier today (Tuesday, 19th May), Sports Kyunghyang claimed that the two were spotted together on a date last week.

Source: Soompi

A witness told the news outlet, “Last weekend, the two of them were refuelling their car at a gas station. Jiyeon got out of the car to pump the gas herself, but she wasn’t very good at it so Song Jaerim, who was in the passenger seat, came out and helped her. They seemed very close, and it looked like they were on a date. They kept looking around like they felt conscious about being seen.”


However, just hours after the news circulated, the agencies for both the “I Wanna Hear Your Song” co-stars came forth to deny all the claims that the two are in a relationship. According to the former’s home label Grand Anse, “Jiyeon has been close with Jaerim since they starred in a drama together. They also share similar hobby of biking.”

Source: Soompi

The company added, “At that time, Jaerim was going to practise biking at a circuit located in Taebaek. Jiyeon tagged along since she’s just getting into the hobby. That’s when they were spotted. There was a bit of misunderstanding since the safe practice circuits are located in the countryside.”

Meanwhile, the “Triangle” actress’ agency Partners Park clarified that she wanted to learn at the circuit after hearing that Jaerim had reserved a safe location for him to practise biking. As stated by the entertainment company, “They are only close friends. It’s usual for actors who have acted in a same drama to get along well and to meet each other frequently. They’re not dating.

Source: Cewek Banget

Jiyeon previously dated actor Lee Donggun. The latter is now happily married to actress Jo Yunhee.

Source: Soompi.

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