The drama “Bukan Gadis Biasa” has been the target of massive backlash from local netizens ever since it was aired at the beginning of Ramadan. Among the criticisms include the editing that was deemed as unprofessional.

In a recent interview with Astro Gempak, Ayda Jebat (the lead actress of the series) said that she understands each and every remark left by the viewers. She also apologised for the mistake made by the production team.

“I apologise if any of the viewers weren’t happy with the matter. The audiences are now more intelligent and they’re smart enough to notice the error. In this case, don’t put the blame on the editors because in my opinion, everyone were working together,” addressed Ayda.

The “Temberang” singer added, “I blame myself as well. There were times when I forgot where I should stand or sit during filming. The crew in charge might have missed it too. In the end, the editing team couldn’t do anything and had to make use of the existing footage.”

Ayda Jebat
Source: IG

During the chat, Ayda also said that she’s thankful that “Bukan Gadis Biasa” is still well-received by fans despite the backlash. “Alhamdulillah, looking at a better angle, this drama has been receiving good response from viewers. I’m grateful that there are also others who choose to focus on the positive aspects of the drama,” the local starlet was quoted as saying.


She concluded, “Everything that is good comes from Allah and all that is lacking comes from myself. I hope that the public will continue to take on the good values that are portrayed in the series.”

Source: TV3

Source: Gempak.

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