Uh oh, it looks like fashion items like leather bags and shoes aren’t the only ones turning mouldy. Cinema seats have also been affected by the closure as well.

Several social media pages uploaded a series of pictures showing the unsightly view of seats in a theatre being covered in whitish mould following the implementation of the movement control order (MCO).

Source: Facebook

The exact cinema outlet wasn’t disclosed but the location is believed to be from Ipoh, Perak. 2 people with face mask can be seen examining the mouldy seats; even the floor wasn’t spared. One would assume that the cinema had been abandoned for quite some time.


Wherever it is, the place has a poor ventilation,” Eiqa Hisham commented. Another Facebook user named Yap Chwan Li added, “This is actually a good thing for places like cinema. Finally they can start a full-fledge cleaning up 10 years of disgusting filth and dusts, time to say goodbye to the cockroaches.”

Source: Facebook

Still keen on visiting the cinema after this? Movie-goers online have expressed concern over their health after seeing how badly this particular cinema had been affected.

So far GSC, TGV, Lotus Five Star Cinemas and MBO Cinemas have denied that the cinema seats in question belong to their outlets. Only mmCineplexes has chosen not to respond so far.

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