Yikes! Here we go again!

After Vivy Yusof’s plagiarism issue with Sleepyllama made headlines, a young illustrator named Syaza Yunos took to her Twitter to expose Vivy for copying some of designs from her label called Warong.


According to Syaza, the issue came to her knowledge after a customer asked if she worked for Vivy because her “RM5 product is similar with dUCk’s which sells for over RM500.” She then proceeded to contact Vivy for clarification, but to no avail.

After a brief moments of disappearance, Syaza has appeared once again to shed light on the matter. She uploaded a series of statements on Instagram Stories, which is also available on her Twitter for now.

In her lengthy statement , it was revealed that Vivy’s legal team emailed Syaza a letter of intent to sue her for defamation. They also demanded a huge sum of money for the “damages” she had caused previously. She was also asked to publicly apologise to the team over the issue, which she rejected.

As mentioned by Syaza herself, it wasn’t her intention to bring down Vivy and her brands’ reputations. But instead, she posted the tweets for the sake of protecting her rights as an illustrator.

She also wanted to voice out her disappointment after knowing that all her hard work had been plagiarised. It is also believed that Vivy’s team remained silent after submitting for a court hearing dated back on 9th April (Thursday). She also launched another collection afterwards, which went viral for allegedly copying another local label.

Despite the recent drama, dUCk’s newly-launched “Birthday Collection” was sold out in 30 minutes.

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