It’s been almost half a year since Godfrey Gao (高以翔) tragically died from heart attack. While girlfriend Bella Su had remembering the late star with occasional tributes, some believe that she’s ready to move on.

Fans were surprised when the 24-year-old influencer recently uploaded 2 short clips of a mysterious man on her Instagram Stories.


The shirtless man in the clip had messy hair and was lying on a bed while recording himself. He gave some comical expressions and sang, “How am I so beautiful?” What’s confusing to fans is the fact that no explanation was given. Bella proceeded to delete those clips after being bombarded by Godfrey’s fans.

Judging from the intimate setting, netizens begin to suspect that perhaps Bella has found new romance with this dude. What was she doing with a shirtless man on a bed if they weren’t an item? How long has this relationship been going on? Lots of questions and no answers.

Bella Su
Source: Sin Chew

Some angered fans accused Bella Su of being unfaithful, while others felt that it was time to move on and she deserves to find love just like everyone else.

Source: Sin Chew.

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