The drama between Ali Puteh and his sister-in-law Nor Hidayah Mohd. Ali is dominating headlines yet again.

In a shocking revelation, the “Maharaja Lawak Mega 2019” winner admitted that their relationship has taken a turn after he was blocked by Hidayah on social media.


Optimistic, Ali said that he doesn’t want to put the blame on anyone for this matter and accepted what had happened. However, the comedian did expressed his longing to meet his 10-month-old nephew Syed Uthman Hamzah Al-Juffrey.

“Since that incident, both of us lost our contact. Even her family members blocked us online. I do understand the fact that the situation is getting worse after what had happened previously,” Ali told BH Online.

He continued, “It’s just frustrating knowing that I can’t catch up with what my nephew has been doing on social media. Fortunately, Abam’s former driver has been updating his page with photos and clips of Uthman. At least we can let go of our longing for him by going through the posts.”

Ali Puteh
Source: YOY Network

The local celeb revealed his plans to confront Hidayah once again after the MCO ends in order to resolve their dispute. “I want to meet Abam’s wife and her family to clear things up. We really want to see our beloved youngster. As for now, I’ll just keep track on Uthman’s update on social media. Watching him growing up well and healthy is good enough for our family,” Ali told the local press.

In response, Hidayah has refused to give further comments on the statement given by her brother-in-law regarding their tarnished familial bond. “I don’t want to comment anything about the matter. I’m really sorry,” she told Gempak.

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Sources: BH Online, Gempak.

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