It has been two weeks since the shocking reports of Abam Bocey (real name Syed Umar Mokhtar Syed Mohd Redzuan)’s death. Many are still grieving over the loss of the talented star.

There’s no doubt that the news has greatly impacted his family, particularly his wife, Nor Hidayah Mohd. Ali. In an exclusive interview with Astro Gempak, the mother to 8-month-old baby boy Syed Uthman Hamzah Al-Juffrey revealed a few things that she noticed prior to his passing.


A month before his departure, Abam insisted to go back to Hidayah’s hometown in Sabak Bernam to hold a family gathering. “Abam would usually sit at the dining table. But at that time, he insisted to sit together with the rest on the floor. He even ate the cassava leaves curry cooked by me though it’s not his cup of tea,” Hidayah shared in the chat.

Not only that, Abam would often ask Hidayah to cook eggs with vegetables for every meal. When asked whether he was tired of eating the same food everyday, he would say, “I’d never get tired of your cooking, honey.”

Additionally, the 32-year-old comedian would bring along Hidayah and their son Hamzah to several occasions. Once, they went all the way to Johor as well as the rehearsal for “Maharaja Lawak Mega”. This was interesting because he never brought them to such events prior to this.

3 days before the Gombak-born entertainer passed away (Friday, 7th February), he had an eye-opening conversation with his friends in front of their house. Abam said, “Please forgive me if I did anything wrong to you.” Abam even hugged both Hidayah and Hamzah before going to bed, as if he knew what was about to happen. While looking straight into her eyes, he said, “If I’m no longer around, take care of yourself and our son,” while crying his heart out.

The next day (Saturday, 8th February), Abam had a fever and headache. When Hidayah entered the room to check on his condition, he uttered the same advice again; asking Hidayah to take good care of herself and their child. “I thought he was joking,” Hidayah was quoted as saying.

On Sunday (9th February), Abam complained of having a severe headache. He was asked to take his shower first before eating. Hidayah accompanied him to the bathroom to ensure that he’s in a good state. She even helped her husband bathe, as he was too weak to do the task himself.


At approximately 2am, Abam said he wanted to shower again because he felt extremely hot. He then sat on the chair and told Hidayah that he was getting sick and tired. Around 5 in the morning, he said he wanted to rest. Hidayah was checking on Hamzah, who cried for milk at that time, before she realised that Abam’s – who was sleeping behind her – nose was foaming.

Hidayah initially assumed that he had place a towel that was given to him before he went to sleep, but she was wrong. “When I tried to wake him up, there was no response,” she revealed during the session. It was later confirmed that her husband had passed away.

This is definitely heartbreaking. May Abam be placed among the righteous in the highest place in paradise.

Source: RotiKaya.

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