Bella Astillah recently made headlines after she personally revealed that she’s expecting her second child after reconciling with ex-hubby Aliff Aziz.

With massive backlash targeted towards the couple, especially for the soon-to-be mummy, Bella shared that she didn’t take those hate mails personally and had already forgiven those who left insulting remarks against her.

Source: Instagram

The young mom told Harian Metro, “A lot of people ridiculed me, slandered me, labelled me stupid, and so on. But I have forgiven them already. After this, I will focus on positive comments only. Whatever they want to think of me, it will remain that way.”


“Even though I tried to explain, haters will always have something to point out. It is up to me whether I made the right or wrong choice. Many felt that I was unwise in my decision for getting back together. I will bear the consequences myself,” she further added in the chat.

For Bella’s case, her child played a big role in her choice in reuniting with the “Sayang Sayang” singer. “I want my kids to have complete parents for them. I’m also trying to fix things that went wrong previously. It’s easy for other people to judge, but it’s enough for my family know my main intention. Just let go of things that happened in the past. Nobody’s perfect,” the Sabahan starlet was quoted as saying.

The singer also shared that she is now more mature when it comes to posting about her personal life, hoping that she will continue to improve as a revamped mother and wife. “(The incident) was a wake up call for me to be more cautious in sharing private matters online. I never asked for anyone’s sympathy on social media, instead it was my decision to reveal the story about my marriage to be a life lesson for others,” said Bella.

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The “Cinta Belum Tamat Tempoh” actress concluded by saying that no matter how many times someone makes a mistake, it’s not another’s place to place their judgment. Instead, it is up to each individual to forgive someone who has committed the wrongdoing.

Source: Harian Metro.

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