If attention is what Dato’ Aliff Syukri’s looking for, then that’s exactly what is being given.

More recently, the D’Herbs owner made a live broadcast demonstration on Instagram to promote his RM25 face mask. He further claimed that the mask he is selling is water-resistant.

Ironically, it was revealed that the mask leaked after his assistant poured water all over the item! To cover that, Aliff then attempted to change the topic by showing himself eating a few slices of mango.

As expected, the “Cuba Bahagia” singer has been harshly slammed as soon as the video made its way online. Despite the massive backlash, some fans have advised Aliff to be more careful before selling a product. It is also important for him to conduct a thorough testing beforehand.

Source: FB via RotiKaya

It didn’t stop there, though! Soon after the clip went viral, much to everyone’s amusement, Aliff’s mask story has apparently managed to gain worldwide attention after it was featured on Reddit as well.

To quote one fan on Twitter, “Aliff will be happy knowing that he is famous on Reddit for his stupidity.” For those who are curious, y’all can read the post here.

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