The ongoing marital drama between Dato’ Aliff Syukri and Datin Shahida has yet to reach a proper solution. The former previously revealed on his Instagram that his wife was the one who filed for divorce.

Word has it that their marriage was under the rocks after the two had stopped following each other on social media. Even Aliff’s mother Bonda Rozita did the same as well, further increasing everyone’s speculations.


Despite that, the former Solehah member assured everyone that she didn’t take into account regarding the matter. In an interview with Berita Harian, she said that it’s their rightful choice to do so. However, somthing caught everyone’s attention recently when the Jamu Ratu Malaya owner posted an update online.

Netizens believed that the aforementioned post was directed to Datin Shahida. In the post, she wrote, “Loyalty is a fixed price. Don’t expect to earn loyalty from people who are unfaithful. Because it’s not easy being loyal. Loyalty is expensive! It takes a lot of commitment to do so, let alone there’s a lot of temptations coming your way.”

Source: IG via myartisdotcom

Rozita added, “Loyalty is obedience to every person who holds firm to the commitment of a relationship. Indeed, it’s easy to utter the word ‘loyal’. But, it’s not easy to keep up with the action. If you ask, ‘Are looks and wealth important when it comes to choosing a life partner?’ I think that being faithful should be a top priority’.”

Her posting has in turn received quite a number of backlash from local internet users. Most of them were not really pleased knowing that Rozita threw unnecessary shade towards her daughter-in-law.

Source: IG via myartisdotcom

It’s no surprise that Rozita then decided to limit the amount of comments on her post soon after.

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