Janna Nick has received another round of backlash, this time after she came up with a controversial comment while hosting the live TV show “Melodi” recently.

Acknowledging the fact that she had used the wrong words at that time, the “Coffee Prince” actress has since apologised for the mistake. This was in regards to the recent news of Puteri Aishah being tested positive for Covid-19.

Janna Nick


“It’s great to see that even public figures get infected with the disease as well,” Janna was quoted as saying. Her co-MC Awal Ashaari then responded by asking, “Great?”. She then clarified, “What I meant was she can help to raise awareness on the real situation happening at the hospital.”

Her insensitive remarks about the current issue has in turn sparked a hot debacle among local netizens, mainly on Twitter. Refusing to stay silent, the 25-year-old added that the situation involving Puteri can serve as a wake-up-call for everyone. She publicly apologised again for using such words that triggered everyone’s sensitivity.


“I’m sorry! I’m a newcomer when it comes to hosting. I should have changed the word from ‘great’ to ‘at least’ so that people can know the real situation and create awareness that this virus is dangerous and can attack anyone regardless of who you are. I’m very sorry for the misuse of words,” Janna said at the end of the programme.

Awal also came to her defence. According to the versatile entertainer, “What Janna meant was people who got infected can share their experience so that we can see how serious and dangerous this pandemic is. Janna has already apologised so let’s just drop this topic.”

Do y’all think Janna was being insensitive at the time?

Source: RotiKaya.

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